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Mental Health Services



Services | Lucy Hine Reiki Practitioner

I am a certified Reiki Practitioner having completed Okuden Level/ Second Degree Reiki. I am trained in both lineages of the Usui System of Reiki:

The Usui Natural Healing System (Western Lineage)

The Usui Spiritual Energy System (Japanese Lineage)

I offer:

- Distance Treatment

- Face to Face Treatment

What is Reiki? Alternative Therapy | Healing

Generally described as an energy healing system, re-discovered in the early 1900's by Japanese scholar Mikao Usui. Here are some key facts how it works:

💫 Reiki is very hands on - the energy is transmitted by simply placing my hands onto a client.

💫 Reiki is sustainable energy.

💫 Reiki can heal your life in a truly encompassing sense. Not only does it stimulate your body's innate healing abilities and deal with physical ailments, it goes right down to the root of problems, both physical and mental. 

Reiki | Benefits

Reiki helps to relax us and be able to cope with stress - harmonising body and mind, whilst aiding meditation.

Reiki starts a detox process in the body, helping to rid itself of the toxins we take in every day.

Reiki increases intuition and will help you to become more aware of your life's purpose.

Reiki is a spiritual path, re-connecting you with the power and peace within yourself.

Reiki is not a religion. It is simply a tool that works with whatever religious path you have chosen for your life - and equally well, if you do not follow traditional religious beliefs.

Reiki is applied quantum physics.

Reiki will change your life.


A session duration is one hour which includes 15 minutes of reflection and professional perspective afterwards. Therapy can be booked separately should deeper analysis or meaning want to be explored. 

Reiki ​1 Hour 

Treatments are given either with the hands placed on the body or raised slightly above it. This is your choice on what you feel most comfortable with. I provide a relaxed, safe space to allow whatever healing is most beneficial to you in the moment.


Distance Reiki 1 Hour

A Reiki distance treatment provides the same benefits as a face to face treatment. This is available on all major platforms including Zoom | Microsoft Teams | Skype. 


UK Reiki Federation Associate | Practitioner

The UK Reiki Federation are an independent organisation of individuals who have been attuned to Reiki, with the objective of providing support and guidance to Reiki professionals and to the public, with particular reference to education and training, and the public practice of Reiki.

Since 1999, they have worked extensively on promoting Reiki and best practice for practitioners and have grown into the largest Reiki-only professional organisation in the UK and Europe. UK Reiki Federation representatives are continuously involved with the various groups which are working on revised standards for training of professional practitioners.